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Hey friends,


  I'm Ashley! A mother to the sweetest 13-year-old boy ever and a wife to my amazing tattooed, sexy, bearded man, Chris! We have been together for 19 years now and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without him. As you can imagine, we have been through a lot of bumps and detours in life, but having God as our constant focus is what truly impacts our family the most.

  I remember the days when I was a young wife raising a beautiful son at home, yet I was empty. lost, and honestly not sure of what my future would look like. Would I be a stay at home mom for the rest of my life? I mean that's what I kept telling myself. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it- I LOVED it! It is the hardest and most involved job on the planet BTW! I don't care what anyone says! However, I knew I wanted to do something to bring in income as my husband sacrificed for 7 years working two jobs for me to stay home and raise our son. So within this time frame, I found little things that made me happy. I started watching YouTube and learned how to sew. I went to the nearest Walmart and bought a cheap $80 sewing machine and started sewing. Goodwill was my best friend because I was able to purchase all kinds of clothes and fun prints that I loved. I didn't even care if it was a too big or too small because I would end up ripping it up anyway and design my own clothes. Then my mind went straight to business, "Oh, what if I learned how to sew tote bags, mother/daughter aprons and other things like that." (I have always had that entrepreneur mindset.)

  So I headed back to YouTube and watched tutorial after tutorial on the items I wanted to make. I practiced day in and day out until I mastered the skill which then lead me to opening an Etsy store where I sold my designs all over the world!

  As much as I loved sewing, It just wasn't "my thing" I guess you could say. It was fun in the moment, but I knew it wasn't going to be my passion in life. It was definitely a great hobby.

  Then fast forward to the evening that my husband came home and pretty much told me that he needed me to get a job. You see, even with hubs working two jobs, we were still living paycheck to paycheck. In this moment, him telling me that I needed to actually leave the house and get a job was the lowest point in my life. You might be asking yourself why I felt this way. It's because I didn't feel smart enough. I didn't feel worthy enough and I sure the heck didn't feel I was confident enough! I mean come on, I was a stay at home mom for 7 years, I had no college degree and I'm suppose to land a job outside of my house?!? The tears started to roll down my face and I could pretty much draw a bath with it. My husband, wiping my tears, told me that I could land any job I want, that I just needed to believe in myself and that any company would be lucky to have me at their establishment.

  So what did I do? I cried more and then some more until I realized that I needed to put on my big girl panties and stand tall for not only my family, but damn it, for MYSELF!

  I prayed, I asked God to strengthen me and to help guide me to the perfect job that would be my start to finding the women he created me to be!

  Out of 150 applicants who all had experience and little ole' me with zero experience, landed the job at a private school as an office manager. I went in and sold myself! I stood tall at that interview, even though I'm 5'1, and brought the whole damn checker board! I was bold, I was confident and I was determined that my abilities were exactly what this school needed! I also think that my Payless $10 wedges helped too haha!

  So the day when they called me and told me I had the position... well ... I FREAKED OUT! I cried, I got down on my knees with my hands stretched out to the Lord and just praised Him! He heard my prayers but more than anything HE built me for that interview. Confidence in yourself sweet girl will move mountains and that's exactly what I did!

  I was with the private school for two wonderful years. From the staff to the kids, it was exactly what I needed but it was also the foundation to the start of my career! Soon after, I was introduced to a health and wellness company from my mom. She went on and on about how amazing the products were, so I said, "Why not! I'll join as a customer and try it out." Well, I tried the products and

loved it! Little did I realize that I could actually bring in income and turn it into a business.

  Four years later, I hit the top rank in the company, was published in a magazine and became a Network Marketing Millionaire. CRAZY RIGHT!! Who would've thought! The girl who lacked all confidence, has no college degree and was completely lost! Hmmm... it astounds me when I think about it. I created a vision of what I wanted and sister I went after it all! I retired my husband from the two jobs that were literally killing him and gave him his time as a father and husband back.

  But... God isn't finished yet! We moved on from that company a year ago. I will always hold that journey close to my heart. It gave us multiple bridges into our new season. A new season of growth. A season that we didn't think was coming but dang was it happening!

  I started this year focused on being truly me, completely devoted to following my intuition and building something STRONGER than I could've ever imagined. Something that has always been my desire, yet life held me back from doing. Well, the time has come sister! I'm here, right here to HELP you, GUIDE you and BRING light to finding what you love to do and how to turn your talents and gifts into your dream career!

  As the times change, we change. That's okay! God is always wanting us to prosper in all we do, so don't you think for one second that you're not worthy enough! I have been the whole mixed tape girl and yet I'm still here believing in you more than you may believe in yourself!

  It's your time to find the beat to your drum but you have to stop worrying about what other people think and be your own #1 fan because the world is good at tearing us down!


EVERYDAY 24/7/365





-Ash xoxo 💕