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As the world is standing still, I hope you're taking this time to tap into a massive market that is literally waiting for your presence! By that I mean, "SOCIAL MEDIA" (more referring to Instagram).⁣

Let me just start off by saying, social media isn't all that bad as long as we are using it the right way. Endless scrolling doesn't put money in the bank! Your online presence and showing up with a game plan does though!⁣


1. Making a post at least 2-3 times a week that's creating value for your followers. What can they take away from you that will bring them back to your page tomorrow?⁣

2. Staying as active as possible on your Instagram stories throughout the day. Showcasing your lifestyle while intertwining your business in the mix. ⁣

Now is such a great time to connect with your followers if you have an opportunity to work from home and make money! Be excited about them and show it! Whatever industry you're in, people are looking to buy products online more than ever and your Instagram stories are the best place to do that! 62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories. ⁣

3. Engaging with your following as well as following new prospects. This is only going to help momentum within your business. The more engagement and new faces you meet means more opportunity to convert your followers into clients! ⁣

If you're in business, now is the time to go even harder. Don't unplug from social, instead learn and educate yourself during this time on how you can become even better in your industry. Your social media presence could actually change someone's life! 💛⁣

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